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The Story of the Teapot in HTML

YOW! 2012 Melbourne

Would you believe that the image below of the famous Utah Teapot is rendered using just div elements and CSS without any OpenGL, WebGL, Canvas, or other “real” graphics capabilities?

In this fun talk, we will explain this glorious hack we first learned from a blogpost by Jeff Lau aka Useless Pickles, and that we subsequently used as a demo for our IL to JavaScript compiler project.

While the original Live Labs project has long gone to the happy hunting grounds of technology, we salvaged this little pearl as a timeless demonstration of doing a lot with very little.

Brian Beckman

Physicist & Engineer


United States

Brian Beckman is a Physicist with a PhD from Princeton. He is a 35-year software veteran and a expert in Kalman filtering, real-time and embedded systems. He loves C, Clojure, Mathematica, literate programming and his experience ranges from tectonic drift to physics of racing tires to real-time and virtual-time operating systems to functional programming.