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Metrivour - Recording and Analyzing Metrics from the Electric Power Network

YOW! Data 2017

Metrivour is a metrics recording and analytics system we developed for electric power operations and planning. The metrics are physical quantities such as voltage, current and power in an electric power network.

Some aspects of the system are familiar. The storage backend is a Cassandra database cluster (often used for metrics). The implementation consists of services written in Java and scala.

Other aspects are distinctive. The system has an analytics engine and query language that are designed for purpose.

The goal is to reduce volumes of noisy, irregular transducer measurements to regular time series of reasonable dimensions. This enables the next level of analysis to be performed by standard tools.

Arnold deVos


Background Signal Pty Ltd


The author has three decades of experience building systems for electric power networks, including real time control systems, data acquisition systems, network modelling and analytics applications. He is the original contributor to the IEC CIM/XML standard for exchange of power network models. He has spoken at a number of power industry conferences but more recently he is a regular speaker at the scalasyd meetup.