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Speed up your Android builds using the cloud

DevFest Melbourne 2019

We all want our Android app builds to be fast, repeatable and automated. Building on the best practices of continuous integration and continuous deployment, you can improve the build process for your Android apps using Google Cloud.

By offloading your builds to the cloud, you can be sure that they will happen quickly. Once you're building in the Cloud, you can also tie your build process to your source control repository, allowing you to kick off builds as soon as there are any changes to any relevant branches. You can take it even further with automated testing and eventual deployment to the Play Store.

In this talk, you'll see how Google Cloud Build can rapidly build your Android APKs, connect to your source repositories and deploy to your Play Store test channels.

Ankur Kotwal

Developer Advocate



Ankur is a Developer Advocate on Google Cloud Developer Relations, where he champions the developer experience for Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Ankur also manages APAC Cloud Developer & DevOps Advocacy raising GCP’s awareness and highlighting best practices for technical practitioners in the region. Previously, Ankur led the Google Maps Developer Relations team, where he helped launch the Google Maps APIs gaming offering.