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Introduction to Functional Programming in Rust

YOW! Lambda Jam 2019

Rust is a multi paradigm language with performance and safety as primary goals. Rust is strongly influenced by functional programming languages like ML, so it is possible to follow a functional coding style. In this talk I will explore the features of Rust that makes it a good choice for functional programming as well as its drawbacks. Following areas will be covered:

* Algebraic Data Types

* Pattern matching

* Brief overview on Ownership and Lifetimes in Rust

* Higher order functions and combinators

* An extended example that makes use of the above as well as slightly advanced topics.

In addition to the above the strengths and weakness of Rust as a functional programming language will be compared.

Amit Dev

Sr. Developer

Atlassian Pty


I love designing and implementing software systems in a clean, simple way and have been doing that for years. I'm deeply interested in functional programming and applying functional techniques in software design.