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Let's build more inclusive apps

DevFest Melbourne 2019

Accessibility isn't just for websites - app developers should also ensure their products work well for everyone, including people with disabilities.

Get top dev tips to make an Android app accessible. Headings, labels, touch targets, element types, and more good stuff. Learn how to check the accessibility of your app with Google tools: Accessibility Scanner, Voice Access, and TalkBack (part of the Android Accessibility Suite).

Allison Ravenhall

Digital Accessibility Sensei



Allison Ravenhall has worked in enough IT roles to fill a bakery: tester, web dev, team lead, tech architect, usability and UX consultant, tech writer, training facilitator, speaker, and accessibility consultant.That depth and breadth of experience is all brought into play in Allison's current role as Digital Accessibility Sensei at Intopia, helping organisations create inclusive websites and apps.