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JavaScript: Skeletons in the Closet

YOW! 2019 Brisbane

May 2020 will be the twenty-fifth anniversary of JavaScript. Love it or hate it, as a developer you can't avoid JavaScript. How did a ten day hack, created to be a sidekick for Java become the world’s most widely used programming language? What went wrong and what went right? Who should we blame or thank? Allen Wirfs-Brock has spent the last two years digging into the dark corners of JavaScript's history. He knows where the skeletons are hidden, who buried the treasures, and why. This talk will shine the light on how it all came to pass.

Allen Wirfs-Brock

Programming Language Futurist/Standardista

Wirfs-Brock Associates

United States

From 2009 through 2015 Allen Wirfs-Brock was the project editor of the ECMAScript standard that defines the JavaScript programming language. This means that he was essentially the lead author of the ECMAScript 5 and ECMAScript 6/2015 specifications. Allen has been an architect and implementer of compilers, virtual machines, programming environments, and computer systems. For his contributions, he has been recognized as an ACM Distinguished Engineer and an Ecma Fellow.