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Maximum Viable Products

YOW! 2014 Melbourne

Making a living building great apps is getting more and more challenging. Since the launch of the iPhone our industry has developed an incredible art and craft around building great software, but that doesn’t necessarily make it sustainable. Drawing inspiration from Panic’s Cabel Sasser, we look at the idea of a Maximum Viable Product by asking ourselves, “What’s the best product the market will bear? How can I find a market for quality software?”

Allen Pike


Steamclock Software


Allen runs Steamclock Software, an app development studio that builds polished web and mobile apps in Vancouver, BC. His focus is building beautiful, powerful software, both for clients and Steamclock’s own apps. Previously, he was a Software Engineer at Apple. When he’s not making apps, he hosts a podcast, runs tech events, and plays on a hockey team comprised entirely of programmers.