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Enabling cultural transformation through personal growth and leadership vulnerability in Financial Services

Business Agility Australia 2018

Adaptive Cultures and Genworth Australia have partnered on a cultural transformation over the last 18 months.

Yvonne McIntosh (head of OD for Genworth) and Adaptive Cultures (Alison Cameron and Andrew Brown) present a story that takes us from a financial services company where key leaders believed “there is no way leaders in our organisation will be vulnerable”” to an organisation well on its way to embedding and drawing strength from vulnerability, having honest conversations and embracing reflective learning as a key tool for growth..

Hear stories of transformation from the “trenches” of leaders having challenging conversations, revealing their deeper fears and beliefs and transforming relationships, teams, strategic alignment, speed to market and business and customer outcomes.

Hear stories from the CEO through to the frontline about how transparent conversations, the power of reflection and the courage to be vulnerable are evolving the organisations beliefs about the role it can play in the market. And how organisational beliefs are evolving alongside people’s shifting beliefs about themselves, what leadership is and the responsibility each person has to being their best selves.

Alison Cameron


Adaptive Cultures


Exposure to working with world leaders in my early 20’s helped me to recognise that no one person had the answers to humanity’s most challenging and complex problems. My life has since been spent exploring how we might, as a humanity and as leaders rise to meet these challenges.

When I speak at conferences, my intention is to call us to live our best selves with greater courage, wisdom and compassion.  I share frameworks which help us to see ourselves and our worlds from different perspectives, helping people to self-lead and work more effectively with complexity.

In my work as a culture and leadership guide, educator and researcher, I am currently director of two enterprises:

1) The Leadership Retreat which specialises in new millennium leadership education and leadership guidance/support.

2) Adaptive Cultures which disrupts current perspectives on organisational practises and culture, enabling leaders and organisations to question current ways of thinking and doing business and transform their ways of working to build truly adaptive organisations.

Co-founder of Adaptive Cultures, Andrew Brown and I published a white paper on building Adaptive Leadership cultures which you can download here

The insights discussed in the paper have been implemented by practitioners and organisations globally and have been recognised at board level for helping organisations and their cultures to evolve and adapt.

The Adaptive Cultures community supports the development of leaders and culture practitioners to be more effective in enabling cultural and organisational adaptation and evolution.

The Adaptive Cultures practitioner programs have enabled a community of leaders and culture practitioners around the world to enable sustainable systemic transformation in a range of complex organisations and communities.

I do my best to embody compassionate, courageous wise and purposeful leadership in my life and work. Daily reflective practise and time in silence and nature are important to me.

I am committed to supporting the emergence of practices which support healthy economic results AND bring out the best of our humanity and care for all living systems.

Andrew Brown

Owner and Director

Adaptive Cultures


Andrew’s passion is to support people to bring their innate compassion and wisdom into creating humane and impactful places to work. Andrew has been drawn to the work of building adaptive capacity, as he believes it is essential for our organisations, industries and communities to thrive.

Andrew is a humorous, insightful and inspiring presenter who invites and provokes his audiences into a greater sense of what is possibile for themselves, their organisation and the world. He is also an award winning speaker.

Andrew is  an avid researcher and writer on the topic of building individual and collective adaptive capacity. In addition to being an owner and director of Adaptive Cultures, Andrew is a lecturer, international property investor and a Director for the Actuaries Institute. His previous experiences include Head of Learning and Leadership Development for AXA Asia Pacific Holdings, and Chief Actuary and CFO at AXA in Singapore and The Philippines.

Yvonne McIntosh

Head of Learning and Organisational Development



Heading up Learning and Organisational Development at Genworth for 6 years, Yvonne has been leading the culture development efforts for the last 18 months. She is leading a Program of works and a team of cross functional business leaders who are  actively contributing to aligning systems, telling stories of change and facilitating conversations about personal and team evolution.

Yvonne is working across the whole OD spectrum aligning Genworth's talent management, leadership development and diversity initiatives to drive the culture Genworth aspires to. Yvonne is a partner to the senior executive team in ensuring that the culture evolves to enable Genworth's business strategy while ensuring sound risk management in a highly regulated, scrutinised and fast changing industry.

Partnering with Adaptive Cultures over the last 18 months, a powerful momentum has emerged that now sees the organisation on a path to significant change.

Andrew Browne

Software Architect



Andrew has a particular interest in both strongly typed functional programming and event sourcing for producing systems that are both correct and easy to reason about. With a long history as a .net developer he has had great success introducing C# developers to functional programming through F#. Recently he’s been spending more time working with Haskell.