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Ready Set Clojure!

YOW! 2012 Melbourne

With Clojure on the rise it is time you learned how to properly wield your parens. Join Aaron as he walks you through building software with Clojure. You will walk through a real world example; building a library for working with Redis. Building beautiful abstractions on top of data has always been the lisp way, and this example will be no different. You will walk away with a better understanding of Clojure, interfacing with external services, and gain situational knowledge of when and how to use Clojure’s macros to help you produce more powerful abstractions.

Aaron Bedra

CTO / Chief Scientist


United States

Aaron Bedra is the CTO and Chief Scientist at Jemurai, where he works at the intersection of software, security, and business. He has served as a Chief Security Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Principal Engineer/Architect. He has worked professionally on programming languages, most notably Clojure and ClojureScript. Aaron is the creator of Repsheet, an open source threat intelligence toolkit. He is the co-author of Programming Clojure, 2nd and 3rd Edition and a contributor to Functional Programming: A PragPub Anthology.