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Submission Guidelines – YOW! CTO Summit Brisbane

Provide sufficient detail in your submission to enable the reviewers to understand your proposal and clearly identify what an attendee will gain from attending your session. You should include the following information in the following parts of the submission system:

Session TitleTitle of the presentation (please keep it brief and specific)
AbstractExplain what the talk is about in plain English in 2 to 3 paragraphs. Your abstract should provide enough details for the reviewers to understand and assess your proposal and potential audience members to determine what your talk is about.
Theme / Topic / CategoryThe category that best represents your talk:


  • Culture
  • Technical
  • Strategy
  • Other
LevelIndicate the level / background of the audience your talk is aimed at. YOW typically is for intermediate or advanced level talks rather than novice level:


  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Executive
Session TypeThe type of presentation you are proposing:


  • Talk: a conventional conference presentation of 30 minutes including introductions and questions. They are conducted in a lecture format, providing a focused explanation on a single topic.
Duration (in mins)The duration of your session:


  • 30 mins
Co-PresentersThe details of any additional presenters (they must have a ConfEngine account).
Target AudienceThe roles / audience that will get the most benefit from this talk.
Session PrerequisiteDetail what an attendee should know or do before attending or anything they need to bring to this session.
Outline / Structure Of Your SessionExplain in detail how your presentation will be structured, what methodology and technology you will introduce, what examples you will use, etc.
Learning OutcomeDetail the learning objectives for attendees (what will they learn or take away from the talk?)
SlidesPlease provide a link to a slide deck you may already have on this or a similar topic
VideoPlease provide a link to a video recording you may already have on this or a similar topic
LinksPlease provide a brief overview of your technical and speaking experience and links to previous presentations, videos, papers or accolades.


If applicable, also provide a description of any supporting material which you will provide before the conference and that we will distribute to all participants — this may be text in PDF format and/or code as a compressed file.

If there is any generally available material that attendees may use after the presentation to deepen their understanding of the presented topic, please list that material as well.

Session RequirementsDetail any additional requirements or logistics you may need from the organisers
LabelsList any keywords that will help the program committee and attendees categorise your presentation.

Nothing upsets an audience more than a speaker that stands on stage blatantly promoting his or her company, product or achievements. Please keep the content of your talk on-topic and do not use this speaking opportunity as a sales pitch.

Here are examples of highly rated talks from previous conferences:

Speaker Compensation

  • All accepted speakers will receive free admission to the conference;
  • All submitters who are not successful in being accepted to speak are welcome to register at the conference early bird rate.

All speakers, exhibitors, and attendees agree to adhere to YOW’s Code of Conduct.

Submit Your Talk

(a ConfEngine account is required)

For more information or questions, please email [email protected].