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The aim of YOW! events is to bring the best international experts to Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong for  cutting-edge content, community and conversation.  We want to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible and we do this by inviting speakers that are innovators in their field of expertise.

We feel it is important to include original innovators and will often invite the creators of ground breaking technologies.  We also look for those experts that have expertise in practical applications.

Speaker Nominations for YOW! Conference

The signature YOW! conferences held in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Singapore and Hong Kong feature invited speakers only.  Unlike many other conferences, for these events we do not put a call out for papers.  We brainstorm possible speakers at our YOW! events and take suggestions for potential speakers and topics from attendees and user groups.  We also ask for speaker nominations in the follow-up surveys we send out after our annual conferences.

Topic and speaker suggestions for our signature YOW! conferences can be made via the Suggestions page

Our CTO Summits in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and our speciality conferences such as Data and Lambda Jam feature a mix of invited speakers and speakers sourced through a Call for Presentations.

Speaker Selection Process

YOW! shares an independent Program Committee (PC) with the international GOTO conferences.  This Committee is made up of 8-10 people and its composition changes frequently. The members of the Committee are made up different nationalities, gender, technical specialties and geographic location.  This diverse mix allows us to draw on a range of experiences, contacts and expertise.

Selection Criteria

The Committee has the responsibility of selecting from 30+ topics and 400+ nominated potential speakers.  The selection process is based on, but not limited to:

  • speaker ratings from other presentations
  • previous speaking history
  • expertise in their field
  • topic area
  • nomination
  • references

We also take into consideration the number of times a speaker may have presented at the Conference previously as we want to continually challenge ourselves to keep the agenda and content fresh and different.

Speakers Invited to YOW! Conferences

The wishlist of speakers is sent an invitation to attend by the Committee on behalf of YOW!.  Each year we also invite a small number of nominated local speakers and, where possible, have them speak globally.

The number of speakers we invite to attend and the number of those that are able to do so varies each year.  Many of our potential speakers are based in North America and Europe and attending the signature YOW! Conferences means committing to being away from work and families for 2 weeks.  While many are keen to visit Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong, for others a break of that length is not feasible.

Because of the commitment required from our speakers, we put considerable effort into making YOW! an enjoyable experience for them.  This effort has paid off.  Not only have we received a lot of positive feedback from speakers that have visited Australia with YOW!  but YOW! has also been rated as a top global tech conference by our speakers.