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13 January Wrap Up

Kris Howard, Director of Developer Relations

Welcome to 2017, everyone!

The year started slowly with only a few meetups as everyone enjoyed the holidays, but thankfully things have started to ramp up again. The first meetup I attended in 2017 was Sydney Testers last week at the Tyro FinTechHub. The speaker was a special guest in from the UK – Richard Bradshaw, the Friendly Tester himself!

Richard talked us through dev/tester relationship with charming hand-drawn slides. He said he reckoned that we’re at Peak Automated Test, and a rise in the importance of exploratory testing is coming soon. My favourite observation of his was:

This week I made it to three different meetups. The first was the Sydney Mobile .Net Developers (Xamarin) group hosted at the Readify office.

Xamarin Meetup

There was a massive Microsoft Surface set up in the corner, and I couldn’t resist the temptation…

Both of the talks on the night were special previews of talks that will be given at Microsoft Ignite next month. The first speaker was Simon Waight talking about the many advantages for companies considering a move to the Cloud – reducing risk and increasing ROI.

Simon Waight

Next up was a lightning talk by Matthew Robbins, the creator of MFractor – “incredible Xamarin tools.” Matthew walked us through the changes in his latest version.

Matthew Robbins

The last talk of the evening was from Nick Randolph, who made a valiant effort at condensing a very long workshop into a short 30 minute demonstration on how to use Azure Active Directory at add authentication and authorization for mobile apps and services.

On Wednesday I made my first visit to ng-sydney, the Angular and Javascript meetup. This meetup was held in the offices of 4mation in Surry Hills. It was a good size crowd all enjoying the opportunity to get out of the heatwave and into the air conditioning!

The first speaker of the night was Ken Foskey, who’s still pretty new to Angular. He gave a great talk on running unit tests in Angular 2.

Ken Foskey

The second speaker of the night was… ME! I gave a twenty minute reprise of my “Knit One, Compute One” talk from YOW! Conference. The audience seemed to enjoy it. 🙂

The night finished with an open discussion led by organiser Meligy about the special powers of templates and directives in Angular. I couldn’t resist the impulse to knit a few rows!

The last meetup I attended this week was a private group – the “Soapbox Club” at CBA. This is an internal public speaking club held in the amazing CBA Innovation Lab. My friend Susan Shi is one of the organisers and invited me along as a guest to talk about my strategies for pitching.

I gave a short talk on my method for planning a pitch presentation, and then the attendees all took part in an activity. They had to pluck a random object out of the box, prep for two minutes, and then give a sales pitch for it. I took notes and gave feedback for each person. Everyone was excellent, and it was amazing seeing them put into practice some of the tips I’d just given them!

Instead of the usual Sydney meetups next week, I’ll be in Hobart for If you’re around, please say hello!

Our next YOW! Night will showcase Google Cloud Expert Lynn Langit and be held on February 9 in Melbourne, February 15 in Sydney, and February 20 in Brisbane! CFPs are currently open for YOW! West and YOW! Lambda Jam.