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At YOW! Melbourne, leading software industry experts from all over the world, handpicked by our program committee, come together for two days to provide amazing networking and learning opportunities. Their talks are designed to bring you the latest practices as well as future directions in software development and delivery. Meet your favourite authors and bloggers. Sign up for a workshop for an intense learning experience. Network with people who truly care about delivering great software.

YOW! Speakers are chosen based on their expertise; they provide excellent, technically rich content, appropriate to all roles in software and IT, completely independent of commercial concerns such as sponsorship or product. This means no commercials, ever, just lots of case studies and stories from the trenches.

Serious software professionals and IT leaders from all across the organisation will benefit from attending. Whether you’re a developer, architect, product owner, team lead, coach, or manager, don’t miss this learning opportunity. Our speakers have a wealth of experience they’re eager to share with you.


Taking Back “Software Engineering”: Craftsmanship is not Enough

  • Dave Farley
    Independent Software Consultant
    Continuous Delivery Ltd

Enterprise Architecture = Architecting the Enterprise?

  • Gregor Hohpe
    Singapore Smart Nation

How Agile Screwed Up Product Ownership, and 5 Things You Can Do to Fix It

  • Jeff Patton
    Chief Trouble Maker
    Jeff Patton and Associates

Cloud Data Pipelines for Genomics from a Bioinformatician and a Developer

  • Lynn Langit
    Big Data and Cloud Architect
    Lynn Langit Consulting
  • Dr. Denis Bauer
    Team Leader Transformational Bioinformatics


An In-Depth Look at Event Sourcing with CQRS

  • Sebastian von Conrad
    VP of Engineering
    Culture Amp

What You Need to be a CTO

  • Simon Raik-Allen
    Founder & CEO
    The Big Crunch

Introducing kids to code through hardware using C++

  • Sara Chipps
    CEO & Co-Founder

Delivering LiveQueries via LiveServer

  • Ondrej Lehecka
    Engineering Manager

Flutter: The Best Way to Build for Mobile?

  • Kasper Lund
    Software Engineer

The Next Generation of Microservices

  • Phil Calçado
    Software Engineer

Adopting FP: A Human-First Approach

  • Ken Scambler
    Software Architect

Functional Programming in Aviation

  • Tony Morris
    Sr. Software Engineer
    Queensland FP Lab, Data61

Software Architecture for Developers

  • Simon Brown
    Independent Consultant
    Structurizr Limited

Lies, Damned Lies, and Timeouts

  • Yao Yue

Test Driven Development: That’s Not What We Meant

  • Steve Freeman
    Higher Order Logic

How the Olympics Can Make You a Better Person

  • Sandy Mamoli
    Director of All Things Agile

All the Things We Didn’t Do

  • Kresten Krab Thorup
    CTO & Founder

The Bait & Switch of Open Source

  • Katrina Owen
    Ecosystem Engineer

Reflex: A New Reactive Programming Language at Facebook

  • Julien Verlaguet
    Software Engineer

Machines that Learn Through Action: The Future of AI

  • Julie Pitt
    Order of Magnitude Labs

Using EEG and Machine Learning to Perform Lie Detection

  • Jennifer Marsman
    Principal Software Development Engineer

Dynamic Reteaming: The Art & Wisdom of Changing Teams

  • Heidi Helfand
    Director of Engineering Excellence
    Procore Technologies

Estimates or NoEstimates?

  • Woody Zuill
    Agile Guide / Trainer / Developer
    Zuill Development

Twelve Patterns for Evolvable Web APIs

  • Mike Amundsen
    Director of API Architect
    CA Technologies

Modern Agile

  • Joshua Kerievsky
    Industrial Logic Inc.

The Technical Debt Trap

  • Doc Norton
    Co-Founder and Change Catalyst

Reactive Systems

  • Dave Farley
    Independent Software Consultant
    Continuous Delivery Ltd

Quantifying the Influence of Beautiful Environments on Human Well-Being

  • Chanuki Illushka Seresinhe
    Doctoral Researcher
    University of Warwick

Kalman Folding for the Brave and True

  • Brian Beckman
    Physicist & Engineer

Learning in Product: How Wrong are You Ready to Be?

  • David Hussman
    Lead Product Geek

AWS Security Essentials

  • Aaron Bedra
    CTO / Chief Scientist

Bionic Implanted and Mobile Software in Six (years of) Easy (ish) Steps

  • Mark Aufflick
    The High Technology Bureau
  • Xerxes Battiwalla
    Principal Engineer & Manager

Clustered Event-Driven Services

  • Olivier Deheurles
    Co-Founder & Director
  • James Watson
    Software Developer


AWS Security Essentials Workshop

  • Aaron Bedra
    CTO / Chief Scientist

Passionate Product Ownership: A Certified Scrum Product Ownership Workshop

  • Jeff Patton
    Chief Trouble Maker
    Jeff Patton and Associates

Continuous Delivery

  • Dave Farley
    Independent Software Consultant
    Continuous Delivery Ltd

Beyond Relational: Applying Big Data Cloud Pipeline Patterns

  • Lynn Langit
    Big Data and Cloud Architect
    Lynn Langit Consulting

Modern Agile Workshop

  • Joshua Kerievsky
    Industrial Logic Inc.
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