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YOW! Lambda Jam is a conference for applied functional software developers working in languages such as Scala, Elixir, Haskell, Clojure, Elm, F#, and Functional Javascript. The conference provides the opportunity for attendees to enhance their software development skills using the principles, practices and tools of functional programming.

YOW! Lambda Jam consists of a two-day combination of talks, workshops and code jams as well as full-day introductory workshop options for new or intermediate functional programmers. Network, meet the experts and hone your skills all in one event.

Keynotes and Invited Speakers


  • Edward Kmett
    Chair of the Haskell Core Libraries Committee, Research Engineer
    Machine Intelligence Research Institute


Continuations All the Way Down

  • Tim Humphries
    Software engineer

Mutating the Enterprise to FP: Revolution or Evolution?

  • Sharon Holliday
    Lead Developer
    REA Group

Gens N’ Roses: Appetite for Reduction

  • Jacob Stanley
    Software Engineer

Teaching New Tricks to Old Programs

  • Conal Elliott
    Distinguished Scientist

Caught in a Web of Functions

  • Charles O’farrell
    Software Engineer

Beyond Lambda-Calculus: Intensional Computation

  • Barry Jay
    Associate Professor
    University of Technology Sydney

Mundane Utility: A Functional Shell

  • Mark Hibberd
    Head of Technology

Lenses for the Masses – Introducing Goggles

  • Ken Scambler
    Software Architect

Why Functional Programming Matters

  • John Hughes
    Senior Director, Agile Practice

Unreasonable Expectations

  • Jacob Bass
    Engineering Manager

The Extended Functor Family

  • George Wilson
    Functional Programming Engineer

Performant Polymorphism: Rewrite Rules in Haskell

  • Fraser Tweedale
    Software Engineer
    Red Hat

The Perfect Language

  • Bodil Stokke
    Functional Programming Hipster
    Church of Emacs

Reading the Typed TEA Leaves: A comparison of Elm and Halogen

  • Ben Kolera
    Functional Programming Engineer
    QFPL, Data61, CSIRO

Getting Work Done with Extensible Effects

  • Ben Hutchison
    Software Architect

Functional Firmware by Example

  • Andrew Harvey
    CTO in Residence
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