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Amy Kapernick


Amy is a front-end developer, starting her own business and working with other freelancers in the industry. She also spends her time helping out as a co-organiser for Fenders in Perth and other community events. Amy also blogs in her spare time, about tech, the web and life.

Bart Verkoeijen

Hong Kong

Bart has been building web apps and sites since 2004. Currently fulfilling his mission to make the web faster as web performance specialist & founder at Flippercast, and was previously frontend team lead at Quantifeed, lead developer at SurroundApp, and IT manager at Assembléon (Philips subsidiary). He is active in the Hong Kong developer community organising the Microsoft Developers HK, Friday Beer Bay and Hong Kong JavaScript meetups. He was awarded Microsoft MVP (Azure) as of 2017.

Christopher Biggs


Christopher is the principal of Accelerando Consulting, a boutique consultancy specialising in IoT, DevOps mentorship and cloud data. He is convenor of the Brisbane Internet of Things interest group, and teaches workshops on Physical Computing. He previously managed a team of over 60 engineers at a leading Brisbane e-commerce company.

Erwin van der Koogh


Erwin has been a massive fan of YOW! after attending & speaking at his first conference in 2014. He currently combines being the CEO & Co-Founder of with being a Developer Evangelist. He is always looking for ways to improve the software development industry and the lives of developers in it. Through building amazing products and exposing more developers to cutting-edge ideas.

Jed Wesley-Smith


Jed is a software philosopher and functional programmer, concerned with architecture, performance, concurrency, scalability and how to build things that compose. Jed has always been involved in the community, co-founding LambdaJam and ScalaSyd, is a co-organiser of FP-Syd and attending many more. Formerly at Atlassian, Jed is Director of Engineering at Simple Machines, and is deeply appreciative of the irony of being called “academic” despite having no formal training whatsoever.

Jeremie Benazra


Jeremie is an experienced coach and seasoned Agile practitioner with a strong knowledge of Lean and system thinking. He worked in a variety of industries from startups to big corporations and is highly regarded for his passion and ability to leverage a proactive and creative approach through professional coaching.

Larene Le Gassick


Larene is a software engineer contractor and consultant, building products to help raise the bar of workplace culture, diversity, and accessibility at every company in the world, and sharing her technical knowledge with the community as much as she can. Larene studied robotics engineering and has since worked as a computer vision engineer, a programming teacher for kids, a lead tutor at UQ, and a senior consultant at ThoughtWorks. She has run the CTO School and Women Who Code Brisbane Meetups since 2015, supporting and building local talent in tech community.

Dr. Linda McIver


Linda is Founder and Executive Director of the Australian Data Science Education Institute, a registered charity that aims to get Data Science into the way we teach everything in schools, from Primary School onwards. Nominated one of the inaugural Superstars of STEM in 2017, Linda is passionate about creating authentic project experiences to motivate all students to become technologically and data literate.

Purnima Kamath


Purnima has over 13 years of experience in design and execution of enterprise web applications. She has previously worked for Credit Suisse, Lehman Brothers and Capgemini in various senior roles, providing delivery management and technical leadership across projects. She is a Director on the Women Who Code Singapore network and is passionate about building local developer communities.

Sam Ritchie


Sam has a background in .NET enterprise development, but now works mainly on mobile apps & cloud services. He’s been an Apple fanboy since the 80s, and was coding Objective-C before it was cool. He mainly develops in Swift, Elm & F# these days, and actively tries to avoid writing any JavaScript. Sam runs the Perth-based software consulting company codesplice, and organises the Perth iOS developers meetup group.

Samantha Connelly


Mobile exploratory testing is my specialty. I'm making full stack testing a thing. Spoken internationally on all things testing and quality. I run workshops for a variety of skills. From communication skills to improving tech skills. I have strong technical skills from managing VM based test environments with bash scripts to teaching kids python programming. I love to explore how to build quality into all elements of a product lifecycle; from continuous integration pipeline testing to executing user research studies.

Uli Holtel


Born in Germany Uli is for over 20 years on a journey through time and space discovering and exploring the wonderful world of software development and integration. Besides his interest in software development and architecture, he is a strong supporter of automation and continuous delivery.

Wai Ling Ko


Wai Ling has played many roles in and around product delivery teams across different industries in The Netherlands and Australia. As a Professional Scrum Trainer, Agile coach and leader she grows people and communities who continuously learn and love their work. She is a massive advocate of more diversity in the technology community and loves participating in meet-ups and events whenever she can.