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Thank you for attending YOW! Data 2020 - ONLINE!

We’re delighted to Present an online version of YOW! Data in 2020, featuring selected invited speakers. YOW! Data is an opportunity for data professionals to share their challenges and experiences while our speakers share the latest in best practices, techniques, and tools.

To avoid attendee “screen fatigue” and ensure we can accommodate reasonable time slots for both speakers and attendees across time zones, our online conference will take place across three days, with talks scheduled by theme (Data Science, Data Engineering, Machine Learning/AI) for a few hours each day. Talks will be delivered live and after each session, we’ll head over to the YOW! Data Slack workspace for 25 minutes where you can participate in an interactive Q&A with the speaker, chat about the last talk, visit our partner channels or network in the #hallway-track.

So although we can’t meet face to face right now – you can still network, meet the experts and hone your skills all in one event!

Keynotes and Invited Speakers

How to be a more impactful data analyst

  • Claire
    Analytics Engineer
    Fishtown Analytics

Cluster-wide Scaling of Machine Learning with Ray

  • Dean
    Head of Developer Relations

The Data Literacy Revolution

  • Dr Eugene
    Managing Partner of the Global Training Academy and Chief Data Scientist

How COVID-19 has Accelerated the Journey to Data-driven Health Decisions

  • Dr. Denis
    Team Leader Transformational Bioinformatics

Stream Processing for Everyone with Continuous SQL Queries

  • Fabian
    Co-Founder, Software Engineer

Data Maturity Levels

  • Greg
    Data Engineering Lead

Apache Pulsar: The Next Generation Messaging and Queuing System

  • Karthik
    Senior Director of Engineering

Self supervised learning & making use of unlabelled data.

  • Mat
    Machine Learning Principal
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