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YOW! CTO Summit 2019 Perth

6 Sep

Proposals open until 7 Jul

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YOW! CTO Summit is a one day conference that brings together technology and engineering leaders (CTOs, VP Engineering, Head of Delivery). We are looking for submissions that share experiences on technical management and leadership. 

Please see the submission guidelines before submitting your proposal.

Business Agility Australia 2019

16 - 17 Sep

Proposals open until 30 Apr

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Join us for the Business Agility Conference. Last year we were looking for great “art of the possible” stories, and this year is no different. You don’t have to be a consultant or industry thought leader. We’re looking for authentic stories of organisational design, market disruption, product innovation, and next-gen leadership across the whole organisation and spanning different industries. We can’t wait to hear about your experience applying innovative ideas, models, or frameworks.

What Makes a Great Story

At our core we are all storytellers, and great stories are crafted and refined. Here is what we’re looking for in your story: 

A clearly identifiable Beginning, Middle, and End – If you don’t have a narrative, then it isn’t a story;
We can connect with it on an emotional level – The best stories are the ones where everything doesn’t go perfectly from the start. Show vulnerability. The audience will feel the struggle you went through and may be living it today in their organization. People hearing your story should be able to see themselves reflected in it;

Tension builds throughout the story – You’ll want to jump to the success and tell us all about how great the way of working is today. Don’t rush to the ending. Help your audience understand the mistakes, missteps, and learnings along the way. Not all stories will have a successful or happy ending; these stories are equally valuable for the lessons learned.

Check out our favourite stories from previous conferences for examples of what “good” looks like.

Important information:

All talks are 18 minutes long, and will be recorded and shared on YouTube after the event.

All speakers, exhibitors, and attendees agree to adhere to YOW!’s Code of Conduct

Please see the Submission Guidelines before submitting your proposal.

Speaker notifications: 15 June 2019.