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Whether you’re a team lead, engineering manager, VPE or CTO, you need to be at this full day, single track summit. Get the help you need from people who’ve been there and done that: your peers in the engineering management space. You will spend the day listening and talking to peers and will get a fresh perspective which can strengthen or challenge your own views – learn how to hire smarter, refine your culture, improve your processes, manage more effectively and adopt better engineering practices or architectures.

Limited attendance ensures that it’s easier to facilitate an open dialogue with peers. Attendance is limited to senior engineering leaders, although we are not hung up on titles; it is your technical management leadership that matters. YOW! reserves the right to deny admission to attendees who the independent program committee feels are not members of the peer group.


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Keynote: What You Need to be a CTO

  • Simon Raik-Allen
    Founder & CEO
    The Big Crunch

How to create and develop high performing Data Science teams

  • Virginia Wheway
    Manager, Data Science and Analytics Innovation and Technology
    Thiess Pty Ltd

Keynote: The Many Hats of a CTO

  • Dave Thomas
    Chief Scientist
    CSO Kx Systems

Overcoming bias for better team performance

  • Beth Incognito

Building distributed engineering teams

  • Tom Adams
    Product Engineering Lead

Solving the problem of more work than time and money

  • Liam McLennan
    Principal Consultant

Ask for the unreasonable… and then get out of the way

  • Andrew Harcourt
    Principal Consultant and Market Tech Principal

Tackling Burnout in the IT Industry

  • Sonia Cuff
    Cloud Advocate

Experiences from an Enterprise Startup

  • Brad Clow
    IT Manager
    The School Locker

Technology Innovation & Evolution

  • Peter Beahan
    Enterprise Architect - Engineering Standards

Mentoring - a two way street

  • Larene Le Gassick
    Inclusion Engineer
  • Damian Maclennan
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